How to Give

If you are interested in making a gift or pledge, please contact one of the individuals listed below, or use the donation and pledge links.

$1.5 Million Matching Challenge

Are you up to the challenge? The RCU Foundation, the Pablo Foundation, and two anonymous donors are joining forces to challenge the community to match their total gifts of $1.5 Million. Join the challenge before the end of the year!

To learn more about the campaign and ask general questions, contact:

Kimberly Hennings, Assistant Director
L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library

To learn more about naming opportunities, contact:

Pamela K. Westby, Library Director
L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library

To learn more about legacy gifts and estate planning, contact:

Sue Bornick, Executive Director
Eau Claire Community Foundation (ECCF)


  • Online Donation Form
  • Mail your check to:
    Eau Claire Community Foundation
    306 S. Barstow St., Suite 104
    Eau Claire, WI 54701

A Note to Area Educators

We’re reaching out to Eau Claire area educators with an opportunity for local teachers, school administration, and support staff to pool individual donations into one large gift of $50,000. As part of the gift, the group would secure naming rights for a new youth study room. Interested? You can indicate your group preference in the “Group Gift” portion of the Printable Pledge Form or the “Additional Notes” section of Online Pledge Form. This special group opportunity was developed at the request of interested parties in the education field. Read more.

The Story Builder campaign is proud to partner with the Eau Claire Community Foundation.

The CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act) may support ways in which you choose to give. Learn more...

The CARES Act is a $2.2 trillion stimulus plan that contains funding opportunities for charities, and enhanced charitable giving incentives. The following information from the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) provides an overview of the key parts of the plan, but it is not intended to provide legal advice.

Enhanced Charitable Giving Incentives

  • Temporary Universal Charitable Deduction—Taxpayers who do not itemize their deductions can take a one-time deduction of up to $300 for gifts made to charitable organizations. The provision is intended only for the year 2020. However, the text of the bill states taxable years “beginning in 2020” and does not include a sunset date, thus it could conceivably extend beyond 2020. The deduction is only for gifts of cash made in calendar year 2020 and does not cover other types of gifts or contributions made to donor-advised funds or private foundations.
  • Suspension of Adjusted Gross Income Limitation—In a typical year, individuals can only take a charitable deduction of up to 60 percent of their adjusted gross income, no matter how much they give. For 2020, there is no limit, making cash contributions fully deductible

For more information, please read this article on AFP’s website:

Donors Leading the Way

Epic Giving Society

($1,000,000 and above)

Legend Giving Society


Saga Giving Society


Opus Giving Society


Charter Bank
Don and Leatrice Mathison
Jerry Shea, Heidi Atkins, Cooper & Kiki Shea
Lasker Jewelers
In honor of Ken and Roberta Vance
Anonymous Donor

Chronicle Giving Society


Mark and Lois Helland
Charles and Helen Nordstrom
Dr. Louis G. Arnold
In celebration of our Mothers Janet A. Zais and Laura M. Kalmon
Anonymous Donor

Novel Giving Society


Crescendo Fundraising Professionals, LLC
Tom and Libby Gillett
Dr. Ed and Beth Hicks
Brian and Mildred Larson
Keith and Alison Martin
Tim and Carol Olson
Pat and Sue Quinn
Susan and Roger Tietz
Gary and Margaret Pesicka
Janet Barland
Wildenberg Family (Joe, Catherine, Andrew, Bob, and Janine)

Treatise Giving Society


Lloyd and Pat Everhart
Tess Goodwin
Dick and Karen Hebert

Sonnet Giving Society


Bill and Amy Benson
Dick Cable
Robert and Melissa Eierman
Michael and Diane Hoadley
Bernard and Karla Hoefgen
Michael and Martha O’Halloran
Roger and Carol Resar
William and Beth Blackburn
Sally A. Webb, PhD.
Bill and Carol Gabler
Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Joyce Motto
Security Financial Bank
Cathy Sultan, in honor of her grandchildren, Caterina Olmelli and Ceiba and Mishka Sultan
Rusty and Ann Brand
Sherry Macaul
Gregg and Emily Moore
Roger and Mary Tlusty
Susan J. Bruce, In Memory of Robert Bruce
Anton and Rae Schilling-Smets
Ron and Susan Candis Seningen
Dr. William and Kathleen Morin
Janney Randall,  In honor of Grant Maierhofer
Dave and Becky Wood
Rich and Patty Horecki
Paul and Cheri Weinke
Mark and Susan Edstrom
Anonymous Donor

Essay Giving Society


Staff of the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library
Casey’s General Store
Christianson & Freund, LLC
Jill Christopherson
Cody and Molly Filipczak Family Fund of the Eau Claire Community Foundation
Dick and Kitty Duplessie
Eau Claire Anesthesiologists
Richard and Gail Halmstad
Tony and Kimberly Hennings
Patrick and Ruth Ann Macken
John and Meri-Jo Mueller
Oakleaf Surgical Hospital
Mary Ryan-Miller and Thomas Miller
Pamela and Mike Westby
Robert Noyce
Richard and Joanne Linden
Dr. Jeff and Missy Stepanek
Dr. Lou and Janet Frase
Dr. Bruce and Barb Bayley
Andy and Lael Bagnall
Kyran and Sadie Hamill
John Kinney, in memory of Carol Kinney
Emily and Derek Lindholm
The Meeks Family
Angela and Carl Mothes
Jordan and Jessica Reed & Family, in honor of Annamae Reed
Tom and Susan Rusboldt
Larry Sagen, in memory of Jeremy P. Sagen
Jonathan and Jennifer Webb
Thomas and Monika Fiedler
Dianne C. Lueder
Jeff and Karla Halloin
Gregory and Jeanne Peterson
Cheryl Thiede, In Memory of Donna Rayson
Dr. Donn and Kristen Dexter
Donnellan Real Estate
Elizabeth Hanson and Richard Kraemer
Julia Browne and David Johnson
Donald and Kathleen Weber
Thomas Misfeldt and Lisa Stark
Lois and Marlin Mueller
Becky and Jeremy Ostedt
2 Anonymous Donors

We are also grateful to the rest of our Story Builder donors!

Becky Adamski Krische
Ray and Sarah French
Jeremy Gragert
Chris Meeks
Isa & Jesse Small
Emily Anderson
Ted and Kathy Balcom
Paul and Ginny Bonstrom
Susan June DeBolt
Craig and Sarah Fladten
Krister Paakkonen
Laura Stoland and Ira Rosenblatt, in memory of John Stoland
Reginald Cosiquien
Richard & Nancy Miller, Ann Ryan
Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research
Steve and Ellen Terwilliger
Judy Tulgren
John and Judy Layde
Larry and Linda Stelter
Carlyn Conway, in memory of William Conway
Hon. Sarah and Kirby Harless
Lois Postlewaite
David and Cindy Rasmussen
Jane W. Schley
Spectrum Insurance Group
Terry Weld
Mark Ruddy and Patricia Scott
Ashley Loos
Larry & Pat Griffin
Stephannie Regenauer
Sarah Tweedale
Tami Joles
Anonymous Donor, in memory of Jean Nemitz
Terry Wells, in honor of Peggy Ward
In memory of William D. Balcom & Dorothy S. Balcom
Paul and Ginny Bonstrom
Craig and Sarah Fladten
Roger and Jenny Gostomski
Candace and Stephen Johnson
Amy and David Schaefer
Richard, Mellema, and Joanne Swanson
Natalie, Lauren, and Rachel Eierman, in honor of Robert J. Eierman
Peter and Barbara Nelson
Pamela Wall
Sandy and Bob Ayres
Greg and Carolyn Helgeson
Karen Oday
The Hollars Family
Richard and Sharon Alfuth
John and Kathleen Anderson
Jeff and Patty Henry
Ann McKinley
Kristin Nickel, in memory of Nona Hanson
Gregory and Jeanne Peterson
In memory of Ray and Mary Hittman
Ed and Carla Ahneman
In memory of Dr. Robert S. Fraser
William P. Mills
Susan Kay Olson
Tom and Jill Barland, in memory of Donna Odonovich
Dustin & Tessa Haugle
Katie Christian
Larry E. Marino
Margaret M. McBride
Sparks Brady Family
Perigon, LLC
Jerry Parsons
Fritz and Marilyn Bushendorf
David and Christine Gessner
Jack and Lois Postlewaite
Jesica M. Nkouaga
Margaret & Jack Quaid
Robin Swain
Sharon Bucklew
Kaia Simon
Barbara Young
Michael Lenroot
Evelyn Lucarelli
Mark and Winnie Morse
Pat Couture & Kia Xiong-Yang
Dianne Fossum
Anton and Rae Schilling-Smets, in memory of Doris
Lindsey Havertape
Annis & Mark Williams, in memory of Olive E. “Pete” Swanson
Lisa Ohm, in memory of Janet A Zais
Roxann Rice, in memory of Elizabeth Rice
Karen and Tim Hirsch
Brett and Rachel Zacho, in memory of Janet A Zais
Jeane M. Hepfler
Larry & Pat Griffin
William Phillips and Eva Santos-Phillips
Ned and Jill Lenhart, in honor of Clara Grace and Thea Lenhart
Judy Tulgren
Nancy Svacina, in memory of Janet A Zais
Richard and Rebecca Briggs, in memory of Janet A Zais
Barbara Smith, in memory of Janet A Zais
Judy Fadness, in memory of Janet A Zais
David and Joyce K. Anderson
The Kampf Family
9 Anonymous Donors