Donors Leading the Way

Updated 12-22-2020

Epic Giving Society

($1,000,000 and above)

Legend Giving Society


Saga Giving Society


Opus Giving Society


Judge Thomas and Jill Barland, in honor of John C. Barland (1840-1928): Civil War veteran and member of the First Library Board
Charter Bank
Don Mathison
Kwik Trip, Inc
Lasker Jewelers
Mayo Hospital Health System
Jerry Shea, Heidi Atkins, Cooper and Kiki Shea
Roberta Vance, in honor of Ken and Roberta Vance
Anonymous Donor

Chronicle Giving Society


Dr. Louis G. Arnold
Dick Cable
Friends of the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library
Mark and Lois Helland
J.B. 2021
Charles and Helen Nordstrom
Orgel Wealth Associates
Wipfli LLP
Anonymous Donor

Novel Giving Society


Janet Barland
Crescendo Fundraising Professionals, LLC
Tom and Libby Gillett
Ed and Beth Hicks
Amy and Cam Kalmon, in celebration of our mothers Janet A. Zais and Laura M. Kalmon
Kiwanis Club of Eau Claire
L.A. 2021
L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library Agency Fund
L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library Endowment Committee
Brian F and Mildred N Larson
Keith and Alison Martin
Rick and Carol Olson
Tim and Carol Olson
Gary and Margaret Pesicka
Pat and Sue Quinn
Susan and Roger Tietz
WIN Tech

Treatise Giving Society


Lloyd and Pat Everhart
Dr. Mark Gideonsen and Dr. Jennifer Eddy
Tess T Goodwin
Dick and Karen Hebert
Jose and Zaida Ortiz
Eric and Arwen Rasmussen
John Urice and Penelope Kolloff
Anonymous Donor

Sonnet Giving Society


Emily Barnes and Brett Schroedel
Lopa and Sandeep Basu
Amy Benson
William and Beth
Rusty and Ann Brand
Susan J. Bruce, in memory of Robert Bruce
Nickolas and Regina Butler
Susan Carroll
Richard and Susan Cochrane
Mark and Susan Edstrom
Robert and Melissa Eierman
Bill and Carol Gabler
Richard and Gail Halmstad
Michael and Diane Hoadley
Bernard and Karla Hoefgen
Rich and Patty Horecki
Eileen and Steven Immerman
Claire and Marjorie Johnson
Steve and Brenda Johnson
Dr. Steven and Mary Kapla
Kelly and Deborah Kavanagh
Sherry Macaul
Gregg and Emily Moore
Dr. William and Kathleen Morin
David and Janna Morley
Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Joyce Motto
Michael and Martha O’Halloran
Larry and Marie Past
Dr. Morris Pasternack and Mrs. Shelley Fredson
William and Barbara Pearson
Janney Randall, in honor of Grant Maierhofer
Roger and Carol Resar
Dr. David Schifeling and Dr. Joan Hamblin
Anton and Rae Schilling-Smets
Cindy L. Schlosser and Paul Wagner
Dr. Katherine Schneider
Security Financial Bank
Ron and Susan Candis Seningen
John and Lynnette Stoneberg
Cathy Sultan, in honor of her grandchildren: Caterina Olmelli, and Ceiba and Mishka Sultan
Roger and Mary Tlusty
Sally A. Webb PhD
Paul and Cheri Weinke
Wildenberg Family (Joe, Catherine, Andrew, Bob, and Janine)
WNB Financial
Dave and Becky Wood
Anonymous Donors

Essay Giving Society


Steve and Ellen Anderson
Sharon Asselin
Mark and Kathleen Attermeier, in memory of Barbara and Ivy McNaughton
Andy and Lael Bagnall
Dr. Bruce and Barb Bayley
Tina and Tony Bourget
Julia Browne and David Johnson
Greg and Teresa Burnett
Anna Cardarella
Michael and Carolyn Carlson
Casey’s General Store
William and Beverly Childs
Christianson & Freund, LLC
Jack and Jill Christopherson
Sally A. Webb, PhD
Harder Colvin Family
Richard and Amelia Daniels
Dr. Donn and Kristen Dexter
Donnellan Real Estate
Mrs. Janet Driever
Dick and Kitty Duplessie
Eau Claire Anesthesiologists
Eau Claire Area Retired Educators
Cody and Molly Filipczak Family Fund, a fund of the Eau Claire Community Foundation
Stephen and Kelly Endres
Phillip and Barbara Fey
Thomas and Monika Fiedler
Brady and Jeanne Foust
Dr. Lou and Janet Frase
Jeff and Karla Halloin
Kyran and Sadie Hamill
Elizabeth Hanson and Richard Kraemer
Phil and Jan Happe
Peter and Rachel Hart-Brinson
Tony and Kimberly Hennings
Lang and Holli Jacobson
JAMF Nation Global Foundation
Al and Peggy Jones in honor of our grandchildren
Paul Kaldjian and Meg Nord
John Kinney, in memory of Carol Kinney
Cynthia Kneisl, in honor of Nana and Papa
Susan and Raymond Koch
Alvin and Marcia Lechleitner
Richard and Joanne Linden
Emily and Derek Lindholm
Caryn Linn
Dianne C Lueder
Patrick and Ruth Ann Macken
William and Laura McCullough
Robert and Mary McDougall

Susan McLeod
Marjorie K. McManus
The Meeks Family
Nick and Sally Meyer
Thomas Misfeldt and Lisa Stark
Annie and Jack Misurek
Angela and Carl Mothes
John and Meri-Jo Mueller
Marlin and Lois Mueller
Donald Mowry and Martha Munger
Shaughnessy and Katie Murphy
Linda and Scott Nicastro
Ned and Terri Noel
Tim and Terri Nordin
North Country PPC, LLC
Robert Noyce
Oakleaf Surgical Hospital
Becky and Jeremy Ostedt
Karen Overhulser
Gregory and Jeanne Peterson
Poquette, Donnellan & Schlewitz Law, LLC
David and Cindy Rasmussen
Jordan and Jessica Reed and Family, in honor of Annamae Reed
Barry and Pam Rhodes
Tom and Susan Rusboldt
Mary Ryan-Miller and Thomas Miller
Larry Sagen, in memory of Jeremy P. Sagen
Jane W. Schley
Flo Sheridan
Tom and Lissa Siedow
Richard Smith and Pat McKearn
Dr. Jeff and Missy Stepanek
Michael and Robin Stoessel
Dr. James and Karen Storlie
Robin Swain
Cheryl Thiede, in Memory of Donna Rayson
Jon Thorpe and Suzette Peltier, in memory of Dr. Sarah Burgess
Volume One
Jonathan and Jennifer Webb
Donald and Kathleen Weber
Brenda Weisenbeck
Frederick Wesner, in honor of Monica Donnellan
Pamela and Mike Westby
Annis and Mark Williams
Don and Jan Wisner
Xcel Energy
Dr. Blenda Yun and Lane Biggs, in memory of Dr. Sarah Burgess
Keith and Debra Zehms
CeCelia and Wayne Zorn, in memory of Anthony T. Nowak
Anonymous Donors

We are also grateful to the rest of our Story Builder donors!

Nate and Linda Aaseng
Adams Charles and JoAnn
Becky Adamski Krische
Ed and Carla Ahneman
Richard and Sharon Alfuth
Carol Allen, in memory of Dr. Robert S. Fraser
Jennifer Amundson
David and Joyce K. Anderson
Emily Anderson
John and Kathleen Anderson
Natalie E Andrews
Michael and Louise Armstrong
Dave and Bess Arneson, in honor of Deb and Peter Newman and Family
Dave and Bess Arneson, in honor of Jeane and John Hepfler
Dave and Bess Arneson, in honor of Mary and Mike Erickson and Family
Barbara E. Arnold, in honor of all the teachers and the children they have taught in the Chippewa Valley
John and Lisa Ausman
Bob and Sandy Ayres
Roxanne Backowski and Jeff Thielen
Karen and Mike Baker, in memory of Marianne M. Johnson
Raivo Balciunas and Therese Melcher
Ted and Kathy Balcom, in memory of William D. Balcom and Dorothy S. Balcom
Mary Bandish
Joanne Barden
Tom and Jill Barland, in memory of Donna Odonovich
Lopa Basu
Barry and Miranda Bauer
The Bauer Family
Nancy Becker
Steve and Julie Betchkal
Denise Black, in honor of Allison Black
Denise Black, in memory of Patrick Black
Don and Kim Bodeau, in memory of David Bodeau
Paul and Ginny Bonstrom
Arch Boudros
Paul Bowman, in memory of Shelly Bowman
Sparks Brady Family
Don and Sarah Bredle
Jay and Mikki Brettingen
Richard and Rebecca Briggs, in memory of Janet Zais
Brisbin-Whitcombe Family
Sharon Bucklew
Patricia Bunk
Fritz and Marilyn Bushendorf
Terry Austin Butler
Donald and Darlene Campbell
Tim Candell in memory of Beth Candell
Susan J Carey
Kurt and Ruth Carlson
Carter Family
Margaret Cassidy and Bruce Warren
Katie Christian
Michael E. Christopherson and Debra J. Larson Christopherson
Eau Claire Kivas
Carlyn Conway, in memory of William Conway
Jeanne Cooper
Reginald Cosiquien
Neal Crawford
Sandra Cress
Tyler Thomas Crogg
Ruth Cronje
Amanda and Steven Davenport
Sheila David
Susan J. DeBolt
Jane Deinhammer
Michael and Constance Dernbach
Michael and Regina Dodge
Monica Donnellan
Chad Drier
Pat Couture and Kia Xiong-Yang
Natalie, Lauren, and Rachel Eierman, in honor of Robert J Eierman
Leonard Ezenagu, in memory of Dr. Sarah Burgess
Judy Fadness, in memory of Janet Zais
Ellen and Doug Faulkner
Michael Felton
Craig and Sarah Fladten
Dianne Fossum
Susan Frank
Nancy Frazier, in honor of Kathy Goss
Ray and Sarah French
Jonathan Fretheim
Sarah Gauch
David and Christine Gessner
Scott and Karen Goldbeck
Janet L Goodwin
Kathy Goss, in memory of Ruth and Fred Steinke
Roger and Jenny Gostomski
Robert Gough
Robert and Deborah Gough
Jeremy Gragert
Larry and Pat Griffin
Joni Grove
Mary Gullicksrud, in honor of Miles and Marshall Meeks
Mary Gullicksrud
Marcia Gurgel
Gerald and Cynthia Halfen
Marjorie and James Hanegraaf
Hon. Sarah and Kirby Harless
Ellen and Jeffrey Harris, in memory of Joan Harris
Dustin and Tessa Haugle
Lindsey Havertape
James and Kristin Haworth
Dennis and Mary Hayden
Frederick and Cheryl Heffling
Staci Heidtke
Greg and Carolyn Helgeson
Lorraine Henning
Jeff and Patty Henry
Jeane M Hepfler
Eileen Hess, in memory of Jack Stromwall
Ann Heywood and Gene Stanley
Erik and Kimberly Hill Phelps
Barb and Bruce Hinz, in honor of Amani and Acacia
Karen and Tim Hirsch
James and Laurie Hittman, in memory of Ray and Mary Hittman
Lee and Sally Hofer
Sherry Hoff
Jamie and Harrison Hoffman
David D Hogue
The Hollars Family
Amy L Holzem
Earl and Dorothy Holzman
Ron and Ellen Hon
Kelly Hughes
Andy and Susan Israel
Mari Jackson
Sandra Jacobson
Candace and Stephen Johnson
Jerry and Jane Johnson
Rachel Johnson
Tami Joles
James and Ann Julsrud
Carol Kading
The Kampf Family
Mary Karker
Tari Kennedy
Pat Couture and Kia Xiong-Yang
Rebecca S Kilde
Randall and Ruth Kilness
Wendy and Steve Kinderman
Joan Kjos
The Klages
Gary and Cora Klawiter, in memory of Jean Nemitz

Ray and Chris Kondrasuk
Rose Krumenauer-Lessard
Steven and Geraldine Kurtz
Jill and Chico LaBarbera
Scot LaFaive
Lakeshore Elementary School PTO, in honor of Lakeshore Elementary School
Dr. John and Ann Lamoureux
Denise Lapoint
Michelle Lavoll
John and Judy Layde
Ned and Jill Lenhart, in honor of Grace, Clara and Thea Lenhart
Michael Lenroot
Barbara and Neil Liljander
Sarah and Timothy Lilly
Christopher and Jana Lind
Chris and Anne Lindahl
Ashley Loos
Evelyn Lucarelli
Lundberg, David
Lynnes, Michael and Mary Ann
Shilpa Maddikunta and Anjali Maddikunta
Denise Madland
Carmen Manning and Mark Mathias
Larry and Mary Marino
Jill and Karl Markgraf
Dennis and Deb Mathson
Richard and Kathleen Matter
Kathleen and Michael Mauer
Mary Mayer
Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research
Margaret M McBride
William and Catherine McCann
W McDermott
Ann McKinley
Carling McLaughlin
Chris Meeks
Ronald and Georgia Mehr
James and Patricia Menard
Nate and Sara Meyer
Linda and Douglas Mikolainis, in memory of Janet A Zais
Andrea Miller and J. Michael Peterman
Richard & Nancy Miller, Ann Ryan
William P Mills
Jane and John Modjeski
Carol and Gary Mooney
Mark and Winnie Morse
Leah Myers
Dorothy Ann Nelson
Peter and Barbara Nelson
John and Joan Nicholas
Kristin Nickel, in memory of Nona Hanson
Jesica M Nkouaga
Karen Oday
Lisa Ohm, in memory of Janet A Zais
C.H. Olson
Susan Olson
Melani Orendorff, in memory of Mark Orendorff
Krister Paakkonen
Jerry Parsons
Mark and Kimberly Passi, in memory of Janet A Zais
Luanne Perry
Karen Peters
Patricia I. Peterson
William Phillips and Eva Santos-Phillips
Nikki Jean Pieper
Cathy Pierzina and Doug Lucas
Jack and Lois Postlewaite, in memory of Carolyn Johnson
Lois Postlewaite
Ron and Dianne Powers
John and Sharon Price, in memory of Nona Hanson
Margaret and Jack Quaid
Donald and Jayne Reck, in honor of Eau Claire PEO Chapter CH
Delores Redman, in memory of Mildred and George Redman
Stephannie Regenauer
Gary and Jacqueline Reich, in memory of Nona Hanson
Jeff and Cathy Reitz
Roxann Rice, in memory of Elizabeth Rice
Randy Richter
Dave and Jane Rockwell
Lori Roholt, in honor of Dave and Karen Roholt
Lori Roholt, in honor of Noah’s Ark Preschool and ECE staff at Trinity Lutheran Church
Carrie and Chad Ronnander
Mark Ruddy and Patricia Scott
Amy and David Schaefer
Jack Schneider, in memory of Bonnie Starns
Dennis and Luanne Shea, in honor of Harry and Marian Feck
Jim and Sue Shea
Kaia Simon
William and Elizabeth Skalitzky, in memory of Janet Zais
Isa and Jesse Small
Barbara Smith, in memory of Janet Zais
Margaret Soderberg
Spectrum Insurance Group
Rich Spindler and Mary Canales
St Edward’s Montessori School
Dale and Jacquie Staebell
Sandi Stanton
Mark and Amy Steigerwald
Dean S. Steines and Ann Gordon
Barb Steinseifer, in memory of Lillian Korbel
Larry and Linda Stelter
Nathaniel Stewart
Laura Stoland and Ira Rosenblatt, in memory of John Stoland
Allen and Tina Susedik
Cheryl Sutter
Nancy Svacina, in memory of Janet Zais
Richard Swanson and Joanne Mellema
Ellen Terwilliger, in honor of Hanna Terwilliger
Steve and Ellen Terwilliger
Donna Thompson
Logan Toftness
Judy Tulgren
Dave and Connie Turner
Sarah Tweedale
Mark and Kathryn Vaughn
Katie Venit
Claudia Vlcek
Pamela Wall
Mrs. Charlene M Warner
Darcy and Kimera Way
Terry Weld
Chuck and Debbie Wells
Terry Wells, in honor of Peggy Ward
Elizabeth Wesner
Cindy Westphal, in memory of Nona Hanson
Marilyn Wickre
John and Kathryn Wile
Carla Williams, MD, in memory of Dr. Sarah Burgess
Don and Marnee Willson-Broyles
Wisconsin Independent Network, LLC
Alexander and Mariana Wopat
Rebecca Workman
Barbara Young
Brett and Rachel Zacho,, in memory of Janet Zais
Dick and Diane Zahorik
Alberta Zais, in memory of Janet Zais
Jeff Zais
Annis and Mark Williams, in memory of Olive E. “Pete” Swanson
Anonymous Donor, in honor of Carol Gabler
Anonymous Donor, in memory of Glen Eggleston Jr.
Anonymous Donor, in memory of Jean Nemitz
Anonymous Donor, in honor of Kathy Goss
Anonymous Donors