Campaign Materials

Story Builder Campaign Kickoff

Join us as we share exciting announcements about the library’s Story Builder expansion campaign! In this video, we reveal major fundraising progress benefiting all of our customers, including our 34,000 card holders!

Support Materials


• Case Statement
• Brochure
• 2018 Library Annual Report
• 2016–2021 Strategic Plan
• Campaign Readiness Study – Executive Summary
• Building Feasibility Study and Space Needs Analysis – Executive Summary

Concept Images

• Dabble Box Makerspace Concept (©2019 MSR Design)
• Front Entrance Atrium Concept (©2019 MSR Design; Daniel Atyim])
• Meeting Room Concept (©2019 MSR Design)
• Third Floor Concept (©2019 MSR Design; Joe Maurer & Amy Teigen)
• Youth Services Concept (©2019 MSR Design)
• Exterior Concept (©2019 Ayres Associates)


Story Builder Campaign Contacts

• Heidi Atkins, Campaign Co-chair:
• Beth Blackburn, Communications Committee Co-chair:
• Bob Eierman, Campaign Co-chair:
• Carol Gabler, Campaign Co-chair:
• Kimberly Hennings, Assistant Library Director:
• Jennifer McHugh, Communications Committee Co-chair:
• Pamela Westby, Library Director:

Story Builder Campaign Contact Photos

Heidi Atkins photo
Bob Eierman photo
Carol Gabler photo
Kimberly Hennings photo
Pamela K Westby photo