Chapter Three: An Important Eau Claire Destination

Eau Claire is a dynamic and thriving community, attracting young families, retirees, college students, and professionals. As the most visited building in downtown — with over 1,200 visitors a day last year — the community has been relying more and more on the library’s services, materials, and role as a hub for civic life.

About the Project


We really like just being at the library browsing, seeing what new items are there to discover. It is a dedicated space for learning and trying new things.

Sarah French

I think that a strong and vibrant Eau Claire depends on everyday ordinary people thinking of themselves as productive people who can build things and do things; people who come up with ideas and resources; people who are bold and people who are accountable. The refreshed and expanded public library envisioned in the proposed plan is an absolute necessity for future generations to lead full and active public lives, and to learn how to work with others to ensure Eau Claire is a community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and experience meaningful lives.

Mike Huggins