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Library Expansion Concepts by MSR Design (click images for a closer look).

The need is real. The time is now.


  • 1996 – 398,486
  • 2019 – 799,420

Circulation has more than doubled, from loaning 398,486 items in 1996 to 799,420 items in 2019.


  • 1996 – 317
  • 2019 – 798

Programs offered annually increased from 317 events in 1996 to 798 events in 2019.


  • 1996 – 13,070
  • 2019 – 32,693

Attendance in programs has risen from 13,070 attendees in 1996 to 32,693 attendees in 2019.

Space Increase

  • 1976 – 61,000 Sq. ft.
  • 2019 – 61,000 Sq. ft.

Based on the growth in our services and in our community, there is a need for an increase in usable space.

Writing the future of our library.

Chapter One

The Need is Real, the Time is Now
Library use is up, and every space in the current building is full.

Chapter Two

Building the Library Builds the Economy
The library provides both initial and continuing education for the area’s workforce.

Chapter Three

An Important Downtown Destination
The community has been relying more and more on the library’s services, materials, and spaces as a hub for civic life.

Chapter Four

Room for Everyone
The Story Builder campaign will ensure that the library will be there for people at every stage of life.

Chapter Five

Making It Work
The expanded library will make it possible to get more from your tax dollar.

Chapter Six

Be Part of the Story
How you can help!

Let’s build this together!