Chapter Five: Making It Work

The library expansion is expected to improve overall workflow and increase efficiencies. A reorganization of some tasks and duties is also planned and will allow the library to maintain the current staffing levels in the new building, while advancing the library’s mission.

To address the facility’s urgent needs, the City of Eau Claire has committed $11.5M, making it one of the largest renovation projects taken on by the City in its history. However, in order to accommodate current usage and future growth the library also needs to expand. It will be most cost-effective to combine the library expansion in the renovation design process. This will take advantage of the $276,000 roof replacement and other costs already built into the renovation budget.

Phase I: For Now — The Phase I expansion will include a third floor (25,000 sq. ft.) and minor first floor extension to the current building footprint (4,000 sq. ft.). This falls about 5,500 sq. ft. short of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s (DPI) Public Library Minimum Standard, but will provide the major leap toward meeting community library needs. The Story Builder campaign’s goal of $7M will fund this phase of the expansion.

Phase II: For the Future — The Phase II expansion would add an additional 12,000 sq. ft. bringing the building up to DPI Minimum Standards. Though it would be less cost-effective, Phase II may be done as a separate expansion in upcoming years.

For more information see page 4 of the Case Statement for the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library Expansion