Seniors & Disability Services

Provides information on medical, legal, social, and long-term placement needs of persons with Alzheimer’s disease – Provides individual consultation and emotional support – Some printed materials in Hmong.

Safe Return provides registrants and their families with a personalized bracelet and other identification materials (the programs nationwide, toll-free 800 number is listed on the identification pieces), and stores contact information in a confidential, national computerized database. When a Safe Return registrant wanders and is found, the person who finds him/her can call the Safe Return toll-free number located on the wanderers identification bracelet, necklace, wallet card or clothing labels. The Safe Return care consultant immediately alerts the family member or caregiver listed in the database to be reunited with their loved one. If a person is reported missing, Safe Return faxes the missing persons information and photograph to local law enforcement agencies. The local Alzheimers Association provides family support and assistance while police conduct the search and rescue. St Croix and Trempealeau Counties. People with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders

At American HomePatient, you get the superior resources of one of the largest national healthcare companies. And because we have locations all over the country, you also get the service and convenience of a local supplier. Wisconsin location is in Mt. Pleasant (Racine).

Angel On My Shoulder is unique in that it provides assistance for the patient AND those family members surrounding the patient through programs that make it clear that they are not alone. Angel On My Shoulder, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer-managed organization, has been serving cancer patients and their families since 1995.

Provides a non-profit cancer foundation that offers a safe, non-judgmental and nurturing environment for people who unselfishly give of themselves and their time to care for people living with cancer. Publishes a newsletter, “Angel On My Shoulder.” Holds a number of annual fundraising events including Angel Golf Spectacular, Polar Plunge, Cathy’s Ice Cream Social. Sponsors Guardian Angels, a program which honors and recognizes exemplary cancer care providers for their tireless efforts.