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We aim to provide services and create educational programs that promote well-being and unity within & among the LGBTQ+ community.
We work to promote understanding, tolerance, and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community and of individuals within that community in the Chippewa Valley region.


Q2 is an LGBTQA Youth Group based in the Chippewa Valley. We throw events for youth ages 12-18. Q2 aims to educate on topics of gender: sexuality: safer sex practices: and more. We aim to create safe spaces for youth to meet other LGBTQA identified youth in the Chippewa Valley. Q2 throws events monthly. For any questions: message us on Facebook.

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The Gender & Sexuality Resource Center is dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive campus for all students, while advocating for and celebrating those identities that have historically been and continue to be marginalized. We believe in education and inspiration, not alienation, and that is reflected in all programs and events. Exploring privileges and oppressions is at the heart of our mission, and in so doing–and with a focus on intersectionality–we engage the campus community in ways that create room for understanding and empowerment.