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Information regarding diabetes and issues of living with diabetes – Referrals to local/regional services – Advocacy for people with diabetes and their families. Other services at this location Parent Support Groups – FAMILY RESOURCE NETWORK PROFESSIONAL/PUBLIC EDUCATION AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE PUBLIC AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS THERAPEUTIC CAMP – CAMP LAKOTA THERAPEUTIC CAMP – CAMP MARRAKESH

Mission is to reduce disability and death due to cardiovascular diseases and stroke. The AHA is a major provider of funds for research in cvp & stroke. The AHA is also a major provider of health information in these areas to health providers and the general public.

Water safety instructor courses – First aid and CPR classes – Babysitting classes – Courses are offered on a monthly basis.

ASHA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention and elimination of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). This website includes information about ASHA activities and publications, general information about STDs, related national hotlines, an online catalog of ASHA publications, links to related websites, news items, and online access to the ASHA newsletter STD NEWS.;ASHA offers a full range of services in the core areas below for your specific needs. Click on any of the core areas to learn more. Health PolicyASHA maintains a policy office in Washington DC affirming its long-term commitment to advocacy for systemic change. ASHA has been successful in obtaining bipartisan support for STI programs and continues to educate policy makers about the economic, social, and public health benefits of appropriate STI policy. It works in coalition with organizations in family planning, HIV, and women’s health as well as organizations representing people of color and faith-based groups to keep STIs on the forefront of the policy agenda. ASHA is routinely asked to provide strategy and content advice on STI-related issues to a variety of national organizations and also provides leadership on numerous boards and committees. Research and EvaluationWith an ultimate objective of improving public and population health and generating better health outcomes for all ASHA’s Research and Evaluation division conducts numerous research projects among local, regional, and national constituents focusing on a variety of populations and an assortment of health topics including sexually transmitted infections. Contact CentersOur contact center is one of ASHA’s strongest assets. We start by hiring only the best contact center managers and customer service representatives. We train them to understand the needs as intimately as possible. And we motivate them to deliver only the highest level of service. Our Contact Center team is well versed in different therapeutic areas and able to quickly recognize and assess the needs of callers. Our commitment to performance on every level, for every customer sets ASHA apart. Our integrated technology platforms include both inbound and outbound solutions with an available call blending environment that allows representatives to be switched seamlessly between inbound and outbound call campaigns and Web communicationsmaximizing the efficient use

Angel On My Shoulder is unique in that it provides assistance for the patient AND those family members surrounding the patient through programs that make it clear that they are not alone. Angel On My Shoulder, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer-managed organization, has been serving cancer patients and their families since 1995.