Crisis Services

Northwest Connections (NWC) provides Emergency Mental Health Services to contracted counties in WI. This program is a collaborative effort between those county partners, service providers and law enforcement. NWC’s goal is to provide the least restrictive response to all crisis situations. Each county contracts for its specific service needs.

Prevent Child Abuse Wisconsin is a statewide, private, nonprofit organization with a mission to build community resources, provide training and awareness and carry out advocacy activities in order to strengthen child abuse prevention efforts in Wisconsin. Our partners include, nonprofits, professionals, parents, businesses, civic organization and volunteers from across Wisconsin. Prevent Child Abuse Wisconsin is the state chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America.

Our Behavioral Health Center is an acute (in hospital) psychiatric program that provides comprehensive short-term care. It serves people who are in crisis and facing serious mental health or substance use problems. Patients are accepted on either a voluntary or involuntary basis.

Sacred Heart Hospital Community Calendar- Many events are held at Sacred Heart Hospital. We would like to keep you informed so you can attend events if appropriate, or encourage others to attend. For support groups go to website above.

Turningpoint provides supportive listening and advocacy services to help victims heal from domestic violence. The Domestic Violence Program focuses on empowering victims to take back control in their lives by exploring options, offering support and obtaining appropriate referrals.