Community Service

To support nurturing environments for children in home, school and community. Open to parents, professionals and community members. Local organizations and collecting milk caps, Lion’s Club (occasionally) and Elementary PTO (occasionally).

A time bank is a community system where people support each other. When you spend an hour helping someone else you earn a time dollar. Then you can use that time dollar to receive help from another time bank member.

The foundation’s mission is to build permanent endowment, helping donors achieve their goals and benefiting the people and communities of Chippewa County now and forever.

You can continue to support Easter Seals Wisconsin by donating clothing and household goods in good reusable condition. Donations to benefit to Easter Seals can be made by dropping items off at the Savers Thrift Store at 2833 Mall Dr. Eau Claire and by placing donations in a Clothing Donation Bin. There are bins located throughout the greater Eau Claire area – just look for the red Easter Seals Wisconsin bins. Whichever method you choose, you will keep reusable goods out of landfills as well as provide vital funding for Easter Seals Wisconsin programs. All other collections have ended effective June 1, 2018 due to the closing of Savers Thrift store in Madison. Easter Seals has discontinued all pickup service and at-home collections throughout the state.

A group of men and women working together to make our communities better places to live through programs of service in Americanism, Community Service, Youth Activities and its national project, the Prevention of Child Abuse.