Children & Family

Angel On My Shoulder is unique in that it provides assistance for the patient AND those family members surrounding the patient through programs that make it clear that they are not alone. Angel On My Shoulder, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer-managed organization, has been serving cancer patients and their families since 1995.

Provides a non-profit cancer foundation that offers a safe, non-judgmental and nurturing environment for people who unselfishly give of themselves and their time to care for people living with cancer. Publishes a newsletter, Angel On My Shoulder. Holds a number of annual fundraising events including Angel Golf Spectacular, Polar Plunge, Cathy’s Ice Cream Social. Sponsors Guardian Angels, a program which honors and recognizes exemplary cancer care providers for their tireless efforts.

Adults (or high school students in at least 10th grade) are matched with children at a school or another community site such as the YMCA. Matches meet at the site only: for 1-2 hours per week they choose activities to do together: such as reading: playing games or sports: doing homework: etc. Volunteers are asked to make a commitment of at least one year.

Provides volunteer opportunities for people who enjoy working with youth: including: leading a program: tutoring: companionship: chaperoning: helping with special events: clerical work: fundraising: and marketing.

The Boys Town National Hotline provides short-term crisis counseling: referral to local resources: and emergency intervention as needed. It operates 24 hours a day: seven days a week with highly trained: skilled and professional counselors. Problems routinely dealt with include: but are not limited to: family conflicts: suicide: pregnancy: abuse: running away and alcohol/drug addictions.;Bilingual Counselors (English/Spanish) TTY for speech and hearing impaired. MEMBERSHIP/ACCREDITATION: Council on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children American Association of Suicidology Alliance of Information and Referral Systems Inc. Boys Town National Headquarters 14100 Crawford Street Boys Town: NE 68010 p. 402-498-1300 Have a question? Send us a message! If you need to speak to a counselor or need parenting advice: please call the Boys Town National HotlineSM at 1-800-448-3000 or visit Parenting.orgĀ®.