Associated Snowmobile Clubs Of Eau Claire County

Associated Snowmobile Clubs Of Eau Claire County

The purpose and objectives of this organization is to provide a means of united effort in planning and enhancing snow sports activities for the residents of Eau Claire, County. Perpetuate safe public and private snowmobile trails. Plan and initiate snowmobile trail projects, facilities, in areas within Eau Claire County. Create goodwill with Land owners and the Public. Promote safe operation and courteous use of public and private lands. Snowmobiling is not limited to winter activities! The business end of the sport is continually active. Legislation, conventions, workshops, fund-raising events, landowner appreciation picnics, trail planning and trail building are ongoing projects. Helps to maintain 181 miles of snowmobile trails that cross the county and link with adjoining county trails. Offers snowmobile safety classes. Occasional charity events.

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